Album Review: Tide / Edit – Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages (photo taken from tide / edit's facebook page)

Once in a while we have those bands that have been in the limelight for a few years, others are one hit wonders, and there are one’s that we have never heard before because the market of the said genre is not that well known yet in the local music industry.

While we have your old bands reuniting, teeny boppers singing revival songs, there are also those acts that we can consider a gem. Rare, raw, exciting and something against the flow.

Tide / Edit has been around in the music industry not that long but boy, their type of music is something refreshing and new to the listeners. Postrock or Mathrock is not that well known yet here but thanks to the different bands that are in the same genre (Toe, Enemies, Te’ Explosions in the sky and Mouse on the keys) it’s getting more known nowadays. And  have to say, Tide / Edit’s uniqueness got me into them.

Their latest offering Foreign Languages is no question one of the must have albums of 2014. Although the have earlier releases already (got the Ideas EP, digital release of Foreign Languages and their earlier recordings via bandcamp) and i have to say all of them are superb releases.

Let’s start dissecting the album:

The physical album (which i believe on the album launch has 100 physical copies while on the second run, ran only on a limited quantity) looks nice, great and well done. why?

The album itself comes in a cassette-like case

album inlay

Yup, that is the album... in cassette-like usb disk

Thus the physical copy concept is unique and cool.

Now, on to the tracks. There are 12 tracks on the album (well 2 are somewhat fillers) and they are listed as below:

1. Ten - Nice track to open up the album. Not that faced paced but catchy enough to be stucked in your head for quite sometime. Liked the crunchy sound of the telecaster on this track. Drums get a bit heavier on the middle part but it’s a good setup for the last part of the song.

2. Always Right, Never left – Something fast-paced from the band. The bass stands out from this track.

3. Another Yes - Yes, another fast paced track from the album. This time showcasing the drummer’s ability to do some rolls and fill in the whole track.

4. Dog Years – At the first part of the song, i though, is this something like a shoegaze track from the band? Then as the song progressed, in my opinion, yes it can be a shoegaze track but with Mathrock elements.

5. Was it a cat i saw? - One of the filler tracks of the album. This one is done using an acoustic guitar. Unplugged and soothing.

6. Odd & Even – This is one of the tracks that i personally liked in the album. Why i say that? Because i liked the progression of the overall song. It starts out slow, then after the 1:15 mark, everything starts to get fast and the instruments pick up the pace until it goes to the end of the song. Oh and did i mention that they did some nice ending riffs on this track?

7. Nicholas - An upbeat song that starts with claps and then goes into the instruments. Then that again, crunchy riff at the middle part combined with the lead guitar, groovy bass and shuffling drums, this is also one of the tracks i personally liked in the album.

8. I’m angry too - Well for starters the track sounds soft right? well, until you get to the middle part, it get’s angry… then soft again…. then angry again on the ending part.

9. Technicolor – Dance as the band would say. They would like you to get up on your feet and dance!

10. Haiyan - Titled probably after the typhoon that wreaked havoc on the Philippines (local name Yolanda) this is one of the softer tracks emphasizing the calmness yet strong attack on the drums, reminding the listeners that no matter how calm it can be, it can be strong on the inside.

11. Was it a rat i saw? – The other filler track of the album. Also in acoustic guitar approach.

12. Northernmost - The last track in the album and probably in my opinion, the toe inspired track of them in the album. If you are not familiar with what band im saying, please do yourself a a favor and listen to Toe. It sounds like one of their track but i won’t mentioned what it is. Nevertheless, it has that Tide / Edit feel into it thus it makes it more different approach and for that, good job guys!

Overall, Foreign Languages is one of those albums that is considered a gem in the local music industry. Thanks to these guys, they are giving out a breath of fresh air from the common tunes that we are currently listening to nowadays while at the same time, introduces the listeners that in order to make a song, you don’t need to make lyrics, just listen, have fun playing and enjoy.

I’ll give a 5 out of 5 for this album.

Foreign Languages as well as other tide / edit albums are available at their bandcamp page. Yo can also buy it on iTunes and Amazon as well as stream it on Spotify.

YouTube Preview Image


Next up: looking forward to get my hands on the following albums by end of year:

  • Purplechickens – Halang
  • Peso Movement –  The Gentle sound of chaos (already pre-ordered it, have the digital tracks, waiting for the physical copy)
  • Halik Ni Gringo – The call of Booty
  • Radioactive Sago Project – ang itlog at ang demonyo
  • Stereodeal – Singularity (not sure about the title but this has been popping in their pages recently)

Three of Three (Year-end post)

A few hours before 2013 ends and we welcome in 2014, It’s been a busy year for me thus the lack of blogposts.

So for the past year, here’s the rundown on what happened to me

  • Released a few games for the android from the former company i have been working on
  • Playing the guitar again, making new tunes
  • Changed company (from Menue to Tose Philippines) kick-ass game company
  • Working on some top-secret games that i never imagined to work on
  • Been techie this year (2 phone changes)
  • Added game backlogs (not sure if a good thing or bad thing)
  • Celebrated the first birthday of our daughter Mary Charisse
  • Passports for my 2 lovely ladies
  • Business travel to Thailand
  • Met with the manager of their local version of one direction
  • Helped the Haiyan (Yolanda) typhoon victims in one way
  • Achievement unlocked: Long drive (Cavite to Laiya to Manila)
  • Blessings galore
  • Jammed again with my brothers at Mushtards
  • Went back to Saguijo to play again
  • Won in a raffle (PS Vita)
  • Enjoying life as it is

This 2014, i’ll make my bucketlist and hope to achieve them within the year

  • More blessings to my family
  • Good health
  • Blog more (like before)
  • Find time to relax and leave all worries behind
  • Remove negativity
  • Be able to travel outside the country with my family and love ones
  • Acquire a new guitar (i’m eyeing on you, Telecaster)
  • Compose new materials for Mushtards and a new unnamed yet band  that is more on the alternative side (exciting)
  • Save up money
  • Produce more games (not only for handheld but if possible, consoles and next-gen consoles)
  • Setup my own mini recording gear (PC, descent microphone and mixer to start it with)
  • Hopefully, PS4 by end of year
  • More good vibes and more adventures along the way

Happy New Year to each and everyone! Let’s all welcome in the new year with our heads held high and looking as always positive!

Two of Three (Year-end post: Foreign Mixtape)

And here comes the second part. Same rules as before.

Take note that foreign can include whatever song from other countries (Japan, Korean, Chinese, Russian and the likes) but to be honest, not a fan of K-POP. Sorry but the mixtape is k-pop free but do expect from time to time J-Rock. Some of them may not be new but hey, it still rocks!

So in no particular order, here are the tracks in the mixtape:

  • Audiovent – The Energy
  • Ben Howard – Further Away
  • Cinema Staff – Great Escape
  • Daft Punk feat. Pharell – Get Lucky
  • Default – Wasting my time
  • Dishwalla – Somewhere in the middle
  • Eminem – Rap God
  • Enemies – Unit Shifter
  • Foo Fighters – Everlong
  • Granrodeo – Rimfire
  • Limpbizkit feat. Lil wayne – Ready 2 go
  • One OK Rock – The Beginning
  • Robin Thicke feat Pharell and T.I. – Blurred Lines
  • Taylor Swift feat. Gary Lightbrody – The last time
  • Vintage 1950′s ft. The Tee-Tones - We Can’t Stop (Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover)
  • Yellowcard – Always Summer
  • Young the Giant – Cough Syrup

Click here to download


One of Three (Year-end post: OPM Mixtape)

Sorry for the lack of updates and upon counting my posts for 2013, it was only about less than 20 posts. Most are unboxing posts. I have been busy for the past year and it has been a both a blessing for me and my family this past year.

2013 has been good to me and so with that, i bring you the traditional year-end posts that i do on my blog. Mixtapes! If you are lucky enough, you can play these songs as you welcome 2014

This one contains mostly OPM songs that have been blastin’ on my earphones and thus, here they are in no particular order. It’s a mixed genre so don’t be surprised if one song you will be banging your heads while afterwards, things will slow down:

  • Autotelic – Misteryoso
  • Curbside – Coup d etat
  • December Avenue – Eroplanong Papel
  • Dello Ft. Zelle – Sana Di na lang ulit
  • Dong Abay – Perpekto
  • Eggboy – Nagsasawa ka na ba
  • Franco – To Survive
  • Ginoong Vitalis – Pilit
  • Greyhoundz – Taya
  • Jejaview – Paperskin
  • Gloc 9 Feat. Kamikazee Manueal Legarda of Wolfgang and Biboy of Queso – Kunwari
  • Loonie Feat. Greyhoundz – Ang Bagong Ako
  • Mayonnaise – Paraan (Demo)
  • Peryodiko – Ayoko na ng drama
  • Sandwich – Back For More
  • Silent Sanctuary Feat. Ashley Gosiengfiao  - Meron nang iba
  • Slow Hello – Cold Turkey
  • Up Dharma Down – Indak

You know the drill, the mixtape will not be uploaded forever and will be available for a limited time.

Click here to download

Also, please please support the local music industry and buy their albums or mp3′s legally. I have high respects on the artists on the mixtape and they are the few bands who can uplift the local music industry again. Please support them as i am supporting them.

Next up will be the foreign artist mixtape!

Initial impression for Cherry Mobile Life

I’m back and this time another unboxing video. This one however is something different as i’m unboxing the latest smartphone from Cherry Mobile. It’s the Cherry Mobile Life.

Pic Taken from Cherry Mobile Facebook Page

Specs of the phone are as follows:

  • 1.3 mediatek dualcore processor (still confirming if its a mt6572 chipset)
  • 512mb of ram
  • 4gb of internal memory (around 1.3 gb available)
  • 5mp rear camera with flash
  • vga front camera
  • 4 inches wvga  sccreen
  • android 4.2.2 jellybean OS

Steal deal for the price of 2999.

initial impression and quick re-unboxing of the video can be found below:

YouTube Preview Image


Antutu pics are below:

Antutu benchmark
Antutu benchmark


A little higher than Samsung S2 Not bad


Slight improvement over S2

Slight improvement over S2


Sample image (5.0 rear camera)


Ohhh memory Cards

Ohhh memory Cards


More antutu benchmark results:

2012 Year-end Mixtape (Foreign)

Hello again! i bring you the other half of the mixtape. Sorry for the late post as i was hospitalized on new year’s day (don’t worry folks, fingers are still complete)

Without further adieu, here’s the list in no particular order:

  • Something About Us (Daft Punk Cover) by Balance and the Traveling Sounds – One of the highlights that Mushtards did this year was to play this song on Beat Bucket 6.0 oh and first time to rap as well hehehe.
  • In Between Days by Ben Folds - Another cover song that has some trippy twist on the keyboards. This music pumps m up every time i listen to it.
  • Call Me Maybe (Originally by Carly Rae Jepsen) by Ben Howard – I love how Ben Howard covered this song.
  • Day Four by Bloc Party - Finally they are back and this is from their brand new album simply titled “Four” and this is the track i love to repeat over and over again. Not This Modern Love perfect, but still good.
  • Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars – Ok honestly at first it sounded like a Police track (probably due to the crunchy riffs and bouncy bass lines) and is it just me or Bruno Mars is sounding like Michael Jackson? Either way, nice new material
  • Billie Jean (cover) by Chris Cornell - Speaking of which, an old track from him, still rockin out up until now.
  • #41 by Dave Matthews Band – This is by far one of the tracks i would like to cover. Who knows?
  • Swerve City by Deftones – They are back on their probably one of the best albums yet.
  • Two Lads by Enemies - So this is new to me. One of the post math-rock bands to be included on the list. Very good i say!
  • On the Way by Jack Thammarat - Again, another instrumental song that features the Guitar idol Thailand winner Jack Thammarat. Listen and feel every guitar note played
  • Krafty by New Order – Another old track that when you listen to it, will make you dance…. Dance i say!
  • 100% (hundred percent) by One Ok Rock – before their fame for the live action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin, i’ve been listening to them back then and this is one of their energy filled tracks from their earlier albums.
  • Goodbye by Toe – I’ve been fortunate enough to watch them live last year and again, another post-math instrumental band. I love how the raw energy that they bring out to the stage while performing.
  • Plateau by Mouse on the Keys – Another Japanese instrumental band. 2 Keyboards and 1 drummer, this is a force to be beaten.
  • What if by Safetysuit - Reminds me of Switchfoot but they are not Switchfoot.
  • New York by Snow Patrol – I’m torn between chasing cars and this one but in the end, if you want to slash your wrist sooo bad, go on and listen to the song. Teeheehee!
  • The Saddest Song by The Ataris - After listening to some gloomy Snow Patrol, try listening to this rock track

And as always, Go get the mixtape by clicking here

2012 Year-end Mixtape (Local)

2012 is about to close and with that, i bring you the annual year end mixtapes. For those of you who are familiar with this annual giveaway, i usually give out mixtapes by end of year by either famous and or up and coming artists and or songs both local and international. It can also be my fave tracks for the past year. As much as i wanted to keep it to only 12 tracks, heck, it’s more than 12.

Here are the tracks expected in no particular order on the mixtape:

  • Raspberry Girl by Chicosci – They’re back with a solid album this 2012. Will be making a review on this one.
  • Nakauwi na by Ang Bandang Shirley - Definitely one of the tracks that kept me excited for the new album.
  • Daytrip by Chris Cantada – I first heard this one on the bootleg mp3′s by Spongecola on their earlier days and Chris Cantada formerly of the said band have done justice recording this track.
  • Silup by Gloc 9 Feat. Denise – A wordplay of Pulis, This track can be found on his latest offering that was released as well this year.
  • The Spin by Stereodeal – If last year’s relentless kept your feet thumping, then this track will make your head bang. A new lineup (Chris Cantada takes on drumming duties this time) and last time i heard, 2013 will be the year when they will release their album. One of the bands to watch out on 2013.
  • Sick But Not Tired by Hello World – Groovy, catchy and addictive. These are the 3 words upon describing this band. Please do watch out for their music video to be launched soon and hopefully, an EP or an Album for these guys.
  • Slow Dancing in a burning room cover by Mushtards – It’s Mushtards…. nuff said… hehehe!
  • Here we are here we go by Paranoid City – Dance Dance baby!
  • Backpack by Tide / Edit - one of the up and coming post math rock bands in the country, perfect to listen while working and driving.
  • Sana kung 2012 by Mayonnaise - 2012 remaster version, still solid and clean as ever.
  • XGF by Sponge Cola feat. Chito and Los Magno – Girlfriend ko nang ex-girlfriend mo…. catchy and yeah watch out for the random spanish words part and uhuh yeah!
  • Lipat Bahay by Rico Blanco - Slow down tempo song that deals with moving on. This is included in the latest album of Rico Blanco that is a big change from his first album.
  • Tao Lang by Loonie feat. Quest – Powerful message that deals with everyday errors in life.
  • K.U.P.A.L by Oktaves – In time for the coming elections, listen and be informed.
  • Di mo na kaya by Hijo – At kung saan ka masaya…. nice track from the boys. Waiting for their full length album as well.
  • Huling Sayaw by Kamikazee feat. Kyla – The collaboration no one expected. R&B princess meets the crazy crazy bunch of Kamikazee and it turns out, the collaboration turned out very good.

Go get the mixtape by clicking here.

Album Review: Ang Bandang Shirley’s “Tama na ang Drama”

Image courtesy of Wide Eyed Records manila

Image courtesy of Wide Eyed Records manila

The last time we heard these guys, we were infected with their tunes like Themesongs, Tsuper Duper and danced to Patintero and Sa Madaling Salita. Now, their much awaited follow-up to Themesongs has been unleashed and truly, it was worth the wait.

Tama na ang Drama, the band’s latest album is now available at their gigs, via Wide Eyed Records online and Fully Booked High Street at the moment though there is still no word on whether it will be available on your favorite record bars and i do hope that this happens soon as for me this is a must buy for you out there.

Ok, so the album consists of 15 tracks and 1 hidden track. The cover above looks somewhat unique to those out there in the market. Though there are no inlay sleeve, no lyrics sheet (though as i asked their drummer and a good friend of mine if there would be lyrics available to the public, his answer was it will be available online soon) so we can all sing along to the songs in the album.

Here’s a rundown of the tracks:

Iyong – This track was made available a few days before the actual album launch and you can hear in thir track the heavy guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and in totality, deserves to be one of the singles in the album.

Wala Lang – Second track that still features Selena on vocals, Reminds me of their old tracks from their first album. Another strong track.

Baliktad – Owel is back on vocals on this one. The track starts of slow and right in the middle, it changes it’s tempo and up till the end. One short track yet something worth listening to…. i liked the progression on the start of the ”O…. aking sinta…..” line

Pait - This time, the album goes on a slow one… parap-pap parara raappp

Nakauwi Na - I’ve been hearing this way before the release of the album and the moment i started listening to it, i said crap, this is one nice song and i would love to hear this one over and over again and lo and behold, it’s included in the album. One of the gems in the album and for Shirley as well as this proves that OPM is not really dead at all.

Polygonal Graphs - Honestly, up to this point, i can still hear shades of Broken Social Scene on the album and this track haunts me of their style. Another track worth listening to.

Saan Na - Another short track, liked the solo part

Distansya - Slow track with sax right on track… slow, sweet and sexy if you ask me.

Glacier – The song starts slow and as the track progresses, you can hear the heavy guitar riffs then ends just like that. Another noteworthy track from the band

Acid Reflux - Low and behold, the band’s manager and member as well of the band does vocal duties on this one. The breakdown on the middle part reminds of a Santana guitar lead as well as the tempo makes me want to shout ole! Nicely done!

Single Bed – Is it me or this track reminds on the middle part of Cambio’s Call center song? another strong track you must listen to. Slide guitar leads? check on this track.

Ewan Ko - No, this is not the Soapdish track im telling you right away. Groovy track that only Shirley can deliver.

Di na babalik – Another gem on the album, this song was featured the indie file “Ang Nawawala” both Owel And Selena’s voice blends in perfectly. another strong single for the album.

Tama na ang drama – Acoustic track right down to the brush sticks that was used for the drums, this track also features some bass lines that fits the song as well.

Taksil - The last track on the album (or is it?) and a fitting end for the album. Again, listen closely to the lyrics and enjoy. Oh and listen to it up until the end to hear the hidden track im telling you which i still have no idea what’s the title of it.

Overall, this album proves the following points:

  • OPM is not dead
  • Shirley has evolved from their EP sessions to their debut album and up until this sophomore album
  • You don’t need revivals to fill in your album
  • No fillers needed

The wait is worth it. Even though there are some tracks that are least to my taste (i can count around 2-3 track only) still, i can definitely recommend the album to each and everyone out there. These are the kind of stuff that they should be playing on the airwaves instead of these (forgive me) k-pop songs that only some can understand. Good job on the album and if you will have the chance to grab the album, please do so.

I’ll give it an outstanding 5 out of 5 if you ask me even thought there shortcomings on some of the tracks.