Album Review – Singularity by Stereodeal

Singularity by Stereodeal (Image taken from their website

Yay! new year, new music to watch out and the first album review for this year. What a great way to start the new year with the first offering from a band that has been in the industry for a few years now. To be honest, i have already jammed with 2 of the pioneer members, doing covers that ranges from Death Cab for Cutie, to The Strokes and even Bloc Party.

Fast forward to a few years after, after a few lineup  changes and anticipation buildup, they have finally released their first album independently. Yep, Stereodeal’s Singularity is now unleashed and no biased opinion here, this is one of the albums i have been waiting since last year alongside Peso Movement, The Purplechickens, Autotelic and Tide/Edit just to name a few.

Stereodeal is composed of Adrian on Vocals, Dax G on Bass, Marie on Drums and Dax B on additional guitars and synths. Their debut album entitled “Singularity” is composed of 8 tracks and here they are:

Relentless – It starts of with the wailing guitar riffs, head bobbing drumrolls, tripnotic synth and a groovy bass, Relentless will make your head bang while getting hooked into the whole song progression. Wait for the solo part at the middle that will remind you of Russell’s solo leads. A great opener for the album

Grundy – From the first riff, it reminds me again of Bloc Party but don’t that fool you. This track has this fast-paced beat all the first part of the song, Until it suddenly slows down, then slowly pics up the pace throughout the song, then for the last part, the outro solo is so damn good. One of the gems to watch out in the album.

The Spin - This may have a few revisions from the first time i heard it a few years ago, it still keep up to my expectation. This time it has gotten better then the previous versions. Upon listening, you will get hooked singing “Hang on to what you want, hang on to what you need” until “This time we’ll spin around again, we go down down down down…” So far for the third track of the album, it still keeps up the fast pace theme of the whole album experience.

August – A slow song? What? why is it still good? If you have heard pieces of bloc-party inspired leads and solos from the first 3 tracks, this time you’ll hear influences from Death Cab for Cutie. Watch out for that epic buildup towards the ending part of the song.

New Jersey – Another personal favorite of mine from the album, New Jersey’s bass is so soothing, the song is perfect for slow driving (believe me, this is tried and tested while driving al0ng Skyway or SLEX) The song doesn’t have any killer guitar solos or intense-driven riffs but instead, the simplicity of the song is what i liked from this track. Another one to watch out.

01000011 – Also called binary, another slow song from the start, then picks up at the middle but still keeping the harmony of the song. Binary will have you set that repeat mode over and over again. Perfect song after New Jersey. Oh and yes this is a love song.

Hush - This is where it gets interesting. From the starts, haunting synths alongside Adrian’s vocals starts of this song. To be honest, it is effective and sounds like a stalker-song. Maybe because of the way the song was sang? heheh! but then again, we are treated with something different at the end part. Hush up and listen to this semi-techno track.

Hypertime – A perfect way to end the album…. Slow and strong in the middle and then slowing down again up until the end. Again, one of my personal favorites in the album. To be honest, this dodn’t grew on me befor…. up until now…. aand i take that back.

Overall, Stereodeal sounds fresh, some new to check and some good to listen to. Definitely a must pick-up album for this year. If you don’t have a copy yet, go support the band and buy the physical album via their website at

You can also purchase it digitally via bandcamp or itunes.

Again this is one of the must have albums for 2015. I suggest (actually order) you guys and girls to go out and buy Singularity.

Foreign Mixtape 2014

And back with the second part which is the foreign mixtape. I’ve been listening to some foreign as well in the past year. Most are instrumentals, post math rock and j-rock to name a few. Nit sure but my fondness and interest in post math rock fascinated me. Oh and there are a couple of anime soundtrack as well in the list.

Here they are:

  • D by 44°+ – A Japanese post math rock band that is new in the scene, these guys may have a weird band name, but their music is not. Go grab their debut album.
  • Birden by ????? featuring Arnor Dan - The first song taken from the anime Zankyou no terror, this piece of gem fits perfectly with the series mood and story theme. I recommend you guys to watch the anime as well and see how they perfectly fitted this song in the series. Such emotions.
  • O by Coldplay – Taken from their Ghost Stories album, this has to be my pick for the album. So slow, so soft, so heartfelt, so good. oh and i almost forgot, so soothing…
  • Parade by How to count from one to ten – Another post math rock band from Japan, i love how the guitars were perfectly played in the song alongside with the tune. Always a happy song to listen to.
  • Abnormalize by ?????? (rin tosite shigure) - Taken from Psycho Pass season 1 anime, i chose this one instead of Enigmatic Feeling because i love the build of the song. The guitar leads and the last part was so tight, i love it.
  • Guilty all the same by Linkin Park - Taken from their latest album, the band have already departed from their sound since their first album up until the last one. Honestly after Minutes to Midnight, i lost interest in the band, But after hearing the materials in the hunting party, my faith has been restored. Finally, guitar solos! oh and yeah, this is the album that should in between Meteora and Minutes to Midnight.
  • Rude by Magic! - Why you gotta be so ruuude….. Something to slow up and feel relaxed upon listening. Plus it has some catchy grooves. Ruuuudddeee
  • Absinthe party at the fly honey warehouse by Minus the Bear – Even though the band has been out for a while, i got hooked to them after listening to this track. Everything is so good i highly recommend them guys.
  • Cleaveland on the Square by Nomads – Another post math rock band this time from the US, don’t be fooled by this 3 piece band, they have a solid and tight set when they play. Another recommended band to hear.
  • Out of Control by Nothing’s Carved in stone – Taken from the Psycho Pass anime, expect some dance-able beats, upbeat synths, funky slapping bass that will make you dance a little most especially at the chorus part. Haaaaapy Meeaaal!
  • Geronimo by Sheppard – You know what comes into my mind whenever i heat this song? Dr Who! Geronimo! say geronimo!
  • Wake Up! by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra feat. Asian Kung-Fu Generation – The only AJIKAN entry this year for the playlist, it also includes Tokyo SkaPara in the song (actually this is a tokyo ska song with ajikan included) so yeah enjoy and Wake Up!
  • Everything Changes by  ?????? (uchu conbini) - Math rock / Math pop if you can categorize it on the pop genre, another must listen band from the land of the rising sun. It features complex time signatures and yet harmoniously blends in properly.
  • Snow White by Wot Gorilla? – An England based Math Pop Progressive Rock that sounds like Claudio of Coheed and Cambria, this band needs more exposure in the wild. See how man genres they are trying to mix in? The beats almost changes but still, that’s the beauty of math rock and progressive rock, they all still blend.
  • nc17 by ????? – Another instrumental track taken from Zankyou no terror, this time the pace is a little bit faster. The intensity builds up on the middle part while the piano part disappears and a heavy guitar riff is being played. Me likey!

You can get the mixtape for a limited time here

OPM Mixtape for 2014

It’s that time of the year again wherein we have to say goodbye to the year that was a look forward to the new year (yeah, that death cab for cutie song will be playing on my speakers again later) and with that i give you my present for the year, the mixtapes. I have compiled here 15 songs that has been a part of my playlist whether in the car, at work or here at home. i have to agree that the local music scene still has some quite impressive material yet to be heard out in the wild. No offense but good thing the K-Pop fever is now lowering down.

Either way, here the list in no particular order:

  • Jet Blue Sky by Basti Artadi – The solo offering from the frontman of Wolfgang, this time he takes on a rock/bluessy genre. One of the best tracks from the album.
  • Race with destiny by Dark Crayola – Take one part Dragonforce, one part malmsteen leads and that harmonizing 2 guitar solos plus drumbeats what this infectious, bass lines that are groovy at one part and the vocals and what you have is dark crayola’s first single that promises alot from the band.
  • 1995 by Eraserheads - Well well well, this was a surprise this year. Yup, the Eraserheads’ new songs on almost years from being apart has been unleashed. Enjoy and relive 1995
  • A mass for the end of time by Inyo – Why choose this version instead of the superband version? in my own preference i like the inyo mixes better. They are raw sounding and no fancy shmancy distortions. Thus, this is better in my opinion. But hey, it still has Franco on vocals.
  • If you’re not here by Kamikazee – Technically, it’s kamikazee who is playing the instruments and Chris Padilla of Hilera and Steve Badiola of Typecast doing vocal duties (and a little of Jay in the background) this is how you revive an old Menudo song.
  • Halina by Malay - I liked this version better than the original because it’s more uplifting and nice to hear. The choir vocal arrangement at the middle part has got to be the best part, alongside with the sounding bells.
  • Tayo na lang dalawa by Mayonnaise – Latest album from the band. Not sure if they went on indie but with the new lineup, the sound improved from the previous offerings. way totally different from PULA. Kudos to Monty and the band.
  • Here we are here we go by Paranoid City - Synths…. LSS lyrics and groovy beat made this one on my list. Here we are here we are here we go!
  • Pwersa ng Iisa by Peso Movement - Dirty rock at it’s finest. Yes, this one is a sleeper hit this year for all of you rockers out there. Raw sound and a message that is powerful that refers to the local music scene, this is one of the best albums to have been out this year.
  • TNT by Pupil - Until zilch comes out early January of 2015, this has been playing on my headphones for quite sometime in 2014.
  • Back for more by Sandwich - Another product of the Eraserheads, They are back for more. Oh and yes, new album early next year as well.
  • Relentless by Stereodeal - They are coming up with their debut album this coming January and they will have an album launch at Route 196. Here’s one of their early mixes of their songs released in the middle of 2014 and can’t wait to hear the full album when it comes out.
  • Odd & Even by Tide/Edit – Math rock is not hat mainstream here but after hearing these guys, you’ll find influences of toe in their early recordings but for this track, you’ll finally distinguish and set them apart from toe. A must buy album and i highly recommend this one.
  • Reverend’s Daughter by Typecast - Emo? no more. Guaranteed to make you headbang while driving or at work
  • Hover by Urbandub - Catchy guitar riffs, nice message and of course, it’s one of Cebu’s finest. Urbandub!

Download the mixtape here.

Album Review: Tide / Edit – Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages (photo taken from tide / edit's facebook page)

Once in a while we have those bands that have been in the limelight for a few years, others are one hit wonders, and there are one’s that we have never heard before because the market of the said genre is not that well known yet in the local music industry.

While we have your old bands reuniting, teeny boppers singing revival songs, there are also those acts that we can consider a gem. Rare, raw, exciting and something against the flow.

Tide / Edit has been around in the music industry not that long but boy, their type of music is something refreshing and new to the listeners. Postrock or Mathrock is not that well known yet here but thanks to the different bands that are in the same genre (Toe, Enemies, Te’ Explosions in the sky and Mouse on the keys) it’s getting more known nowadays. And  have to say, Tide / Edit’s uniqueness got me into them.

Their latest offering Foreign Languages is no question one of the must have albums of 2014. Although the have earlier releases already (got the Ideas EP, digital release of Foreign Languages and their earlier recordings via bandcamp) and i have to say all of them are superb releases.

Let’s start dissecting the album:

The physical album (which i believe on the album launch has 100 physical copies while on the second run, ran only on a limited quantity) looks nice, great and well done. why?

The album itself comes in a cassette-like case

album inlay

Yup, that is the album... in cassette-like usb disk

Thus the physical copy concept is unique and cool.

Now, on to the tracks. There are 12 tracks on the album (well 2 are somewhat fillers) and they are listed as below:

1. Ten - Nice track to open up the album. Not that faced paced but catchy enough to be stucked in your head for quite sometime. Liked the crunchy sound of the telecaster on this track. Drums get a bit heavier on the middle part but it’s a good setup for the last part of the song.

2. Always Right, Never left – Something fast-paced from the band. The bass stands out from this track.

3. Another Yes - Yes, another fast paced track from the album. This time showcasing the drummer’s ability to do some rolls and fill in the whole track.

4. Dog Years – At the first part of the song, i though, is this something like a shoegaze track from the band? Then as the song progressed, in my opinion, yes it can be a shoegaze track but with Mathrock elements.

5. Was it a cat i saw? - One of the filler tracks of the album. This one is done using an acoustic guitar. Unplugged and soothing.

6. Odd & Even – This is one of the tracks that i personally liked in the album. Why i say that? Because i liked the progression of the overall song. It starts out slow, then after the 1:15 mark, everything starts to get fast and the instruments pick up the pace until it goes to the end of the song. Oh and did i mention that they did some nice ending riffs on this track?

7. Nicholas - An upbeat song that starts with claps and then goes into the instruments. Then that again, crunchy riff at the middle part combined with the lead guitar, groovy bass and shuffling drums, this is also one of the tracks i personally liked in the album.

8. I’m angry too - Well for starters the track sounds soft right? well, until you get to the middle part, it get’s angry… then soft again…. then angry again on the ending part.

9. Technicolor – Dance as the band would say. They would like you to get up on your feet and dance!

10. Haiyan - Titled probably after the typhoon that wreaked havoc on the Philippines (local name Yolanda) this is one of the softer tracks emphasizing the calmness yet strong attack on the drums, reminding the listeners that no matter how calm it can be, it can be strong on the inside.

11. Was it a rat i saw? – The other filler track of the album. Also in acoustic guitar approach.

12. Northernmost - The last track in the album and probably in my opinion, the toe inspired track of them in the album. If you are not familiar with what band im saying, please do yourself a a favor and listen to Toe. It sounds like one of their track but i won’t mentioned what it is. Nevertheless, it has that Tide / Edit feel into it thus it makes it more different approach and for that, good job guys!

Overall, Foreign Languages is one of those albums that is considered a gem in the local music industry. Thanks to these guys, they are giving out a breath of fresh air from the common tunes that we are currently listening to nowadays while at the same time, introduces the listeners that in order to make a song, you don’t need to make lyrics, just listen, have fun playing and enjoy.

I’ll give a 5 out of 5 for this album.

Foreign Languages as well as other tide / edit albums are available at their bandcamp page. Yo can also buy it on iTunes and Amazon as well as stream it on Spotify.

YouTube Preview Image


Next up: looking forward to get my hands on the following albums by end of year:

  • Purplechickens – Halang
  • Peso Movement –  The Gentle sound of chaos (already pre-ordered it, have the digital tracks, waiting for the physical copy)
  • Halik Ni Gringo – The call of Booty
  • Radioactive Sago Project – ang itlog at ang demonyo
  • Stereodeal – Singularity (not sure about the title but this has been popping in their pages recently)

Three of Three (Year-end post)

A few hours before 2013 ends and we welcome in 2014, It’s been a busy year for me thus the lack of blogposts.

So for the past year, here’s the rundown on what happened to me

  • Released a few games for the android from the former company i have been working on
  • Playing the guitar again, making new tunes
  • Changed company (from Menue to Tose Philippines) kick-ass game company
  • Working on some top-secret games that i never imagined to work on
  • Been techie this year (2 phone changes)
  • Added game backlogs (not sure if a good thing or bad thing)
  • Celebrated the first birthday of our daughter Mary Charisse
  • Passports for my 2 lovely ladies
  • Business travel to Thailand
  • Met with the manager of their local version of one direction
  • Helped the Haiyan (Yolanda) typhoon victims in one way
  • Achievement unlocked: Long drive (Cavite to Laiya to Manila)
  • Blessings galore
  • Jammed again with my brothers at Mushtards
  • Went back to Saguijo to play again
  • Won in a raffle (PS Vita)
  • Enjoying life as it is

This 2014, i’ll make my bucketlist and hope to achieve them within the year

  • More blessings to my family
  • Good health
  • Blog more (like before)
  • Find time to relax and leave all worries behind
  • Remove negativity
  • Be able to travel outside the country with my family and love ones
  • Acquire a new guitar (i’m eyeing on you, Telecaster)
  • Compose new materials for Mushtards and a new unnamed yet band  that is more on the alternative side (exciting)
  • Save up money
  • Produce more games (not only for handheld but if possible, consoles and next-gen consoles)
  • Setup my own mini recording gear (PC, descent microphone and mixer to start it with)
  • Hopefully, PS4 by end of year
  • More good vibes and more adventures along the way

Happy New Year to each and everyone! Let’s all welcome in the new year with our heads held high and looking as always positive!

Two of Three (Year-end post: Foreign Mixtape)

And here comes the second part. Same rules as before.

Take note that foreign can include whatever song from other countries (Japan, Korean, Chinese, Russian and the likes) but to be honest, not a fan of K-POP. Sorry but the mixtape is k-pop free but do expect from time to time J-Rock. Some of them may not be new but hey, it still rocks!

So in no particular order, here are the tracks in the mixtape:

  • Audiovent – The Energy
  • Ben Howard – Further Away
  • Cinema Staff – Great Escape
  • Daft Punk feat. Pharell – Get Lucky
  • Default – Wasting my time
  • Dishwalla – Somewhere in the middle
  • Eminem – Rap God
  • Enemies – Unit Shifter
  • Foo Fighters – Everlong
  • Granrodeo – Rimfire
  • Limpbizkit feat. Lil wayne – Ready 2 go
  • One OK Rock – The Beginning
  • Robin Thicke feat Pharell and T.I. – Blurred Lines
  • Taylor Swift feat. Gary Lightbrody – The last time
  • Vintage 1950′s ft. The Tee-Tones - We Can’t Stop (Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover)
  • Yellowcard – Always Summer
  • Young the Giant – Cough Syrup

Click here to download


One of Three (Year-end post: OPM Mixtape)

Sorry for the lack of updates and upon counting my posts for 2013, it was only about less than 20 posts. Most are unboxing posts. I have been busy for the past year and it has been a both a blessing for me and my family this past year.

2013 has been good to me and so with that, i bring you the traditional year-end posts that i do on my blog. Mixtapes! If you are lucky enough, you can play these songs as you welcome 2014

This one contains mostly OPM songs that have been blastin’ on my earphones and thus, here they are in no particular order. It’s a mixed genre so don’t be surprised if one song you will be banging your heads while afterwards, things will slow down:

  • Autotelic – Misteryoso
  • Curbside – Coup d etat
  • December Avenue – Eroplanong Papel
  • Dello Ft. Zelle – Sana Di na lang ulit
  • Dong Abay – Perpekto
  • Eggboy – Nagsasawa ka na ba
  • Franco – To Survive
  • Ginoong Vitalis – Pilit
  • Greyhoundz – Taya
  • Jejaview – Paperskin
  • Gloc 9 Feat. Kamikazee Manueal Legarda of Wolfgang and Biboy of Queso – Kunwari
  • Loonie Feat. Greyhoundz – Ang Bagong Ako
  • Mayonnaise – Paraan (Demo)
  • Peryodiko – Ayoko na ng drama
  • Sandwich – Back For More
  • Silent Sanctuary Feat. Ashley Gosiengfiao  - Meron nang iba
  • Slow Hello – Cold Turkey
  • Up Dharma Down – Indak

You know the drill, the mixtape will not be uploaded forever and will be available for a limited time.

Click here to download

Also, please please support the local music industry and buy their albums or mp3′s legally. I have high respects on the artists on the mixtape and they are the few bands who can uplift the local music industry again. Please support them as i am supporting them.

Next up will be the foreign artist mixtape!

Initial impression for Cherry Mobile Life

I’m back and this time another unboxing video. This one however is something different as i’m unboxing the latest smartphone from Cherry Mobile. It’s the Cherry Mobile Life.

Pic Taken from Cherry Mobile Facebook Page

Specs of the phone are as follows:

  • 1.3 mediatek dualcore processor (still confirming if its a mt6572 chipset)
  • 512mb of ram
  • 4gb of internal memory (around 1.3 gb available)
  • 5mp rear camera with flash
  • vga front camera
  • 4 inches wvga  sccreen
  • android 4.2.2 jellybean OS

Steal deal for the price of 2999.

initial impression and quick re-unboxing of the video can be found below:

YouTube Preview Image


Antutu pics are below:

Antutu benchmark
Antutu benchmark


A little higher than Samsung S2 Not bad


Slight improvement over S2

Slight improvement over S2


Sample image (5.0 rear camera)


Ohhh memory Cards

Ohhh memory Cards


More antutu benchmark results:

2012 Year-end Mixtape (Foreign)

Hello again! i bring you the other half of the mixtape. Sorry for the late post as i was hospitalized on new year’s day (don’t worry folks, fingers are still complete)

Without further adieu, here’s the list in no particular order:

  • Something About Us (Daft Punk Cover) by Balance and the Traveling Sounds – One of the highlights that Mushtards did this year was to play this song on Beat Bucket 6.0 oh and first time to rap as well hehehe.
  • In Between Days by Ben Folds - Another cover song that has some trippy twist on the keyboards. This music pumps m up every time i listen to it.
  • Call Me Maybe (Originally by Carly Rae Jepsen) by Ben Howard – I love how Ben Howard covered this song.
  • Day Four by Bloc Party - Finally they are back and this is from their brand new album simply titled “Four” and this is the track i love to repeat over and over again. Not This Modern Love perfect, but still good.
  • Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars – Ok honestly at first it sounded like a Police track (probably due to the crunchy riffs and bouncy bass lines) and is it just me or Bruno Mars is sounding like Michael Jackson? Either way, nice new material
  • Billie Jean (cover) by Chris Cornell - Speaking of which, an old track from him, still rockin out up until now.
  • #41 by Dave Matthews Band – This is by far one of the tracks i would like to cover. Who knows?
  • Swerve City by Deftones – They are back on their probably one of the best albums yet.
  • Two Lads by Enemies - So this is new to me. One of the post math-rock bands to be included on the list. Very good i say!
  • On the Way by Jack Thammarat - Again, another instrumental song that features the Guitar idol Thailand winner Jack Thammarat. Listen and feel every guitar note played
  • Krafty by New Order – Another old track that when you listen to it, will make you dance…. Dance i say!
  • 100% (hundred percent) by One Ok Rock – before their fame for the live action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin, i’ve been listening to them back then and this is one of their energy filled tracks from their earlier albums.
  • Goodbye by Toe – I’ve been fortunate enough to watch them live last year and again, another post-math instrumental band. I love how the raw energy that they bring out to the stage while performing.
  • Plateau by Mouse on the Keys – Another Japanese instrumental band. 2 Keyboards and 1 drummer, this is a force to be beaten.
  • What if by Safetysuit - Reminds me of Switchfoot but they are not Switchfoot.
  • New York by Snow Patrol – I’m torn between chasing cars and this one but in the end, if you want to slash your wrist sooo bad, go on and listen to the song. Teeheehee!
  • The Saddest Song by The Ataris - After listening to some gloomy Snow Patrol, try listening to this rock track

And as always, Go get the mixtape by clicking here