People power icon.. gone too soon

It was a very sad saturday morning for the country. Our former and the first female president of the country, Corazon Aquino passed away this morning. The real icon for me of the people power revolution in 1986 that will forever be part of Philippine history is now with the lord and with his husband, the former senator Benigno Aquino.

Thank you former madame president for showing us the real meaning of People Power and EDSA revolution. No one beats what accomplishments you have done for the people and the country. I myself at a young age back then watched you the television and saw how they tried to throw you off from presidency by coups attempts and other issues but you’ve managed to show us how strong of a president you are. See you around and may you rest in peace.

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Video from youtube user chillelot

We like to toast this bottle of beer for you… thank you…