Three of Three (Year-end post)

A few hours before 2013 ends and we welcome in 2014, It’s been a busy year for me thus the lack of blogposts.

So for the past year, here’s the rundown on what happened to me

  • Released a few games for the android from the former company i have been working on
  • Playing the guitar again, making new tunes
  • Changed company (from Menue to Tose Philippines) kick-ass game company
  • Working on some top-secret games that i never imagined to work on
  • Been techie this year (2 phone changes)
  • Added game backlogs (not sure if a good thing or bad thing)
  • Celebrated the first birthday of our daughter Mary Charisse
  • Passports for my 2 lovely ladies
  • Business travel to Thailand
  • Met with the manager of their local version of one direction
  • Helped the Haiyan (Yolanda) typhoon victims in one way
  • Achievement unlocked: Long drive (Cavite to Laiya to Manila)
  • Blessings galore
  • Jammed again with my brothers at Mushtards
  • Went back to Saguijo to play again
  • Won in a raffle (PS Vita)
  • Enjoying life as it is

This 2014, i’ll make my bucketlist and hope to achieve them within the year

  • More blessings to my family
  • Good health
  • Blog more (like before)
  • Find time to relax and leave all worries behind
  • Remove negativity
  • Be able to travel outside the country with my family and love ones
  • Acquire a new guitar (i’m eyeing on you, Telecaster)
  • Compose new materials for Mushtards and a new unnamed yet band  that is more on the alternative side (exciting)
  • Save up money
  • Produce more games (not only for handheld but if possible, consoles and next-gen consoles)
  • Setup my own mini recording gear (PC, descent microphone and mixer to start it with)
  • Hopefully, PS4 by end of year
  • More good vibes and more adventures along the way

Happy New Year to each and everyone! Let’s all welcome in the new year with our heads held high and looking as always positive!

Two of Three (Year-end post: Foreign Mixtape)

And here comes the second part. Same rules as before.

Take note that foreign can include whatever song from other countries (Japan, Korean, Chinese, Russian and the likes) but to be honest, not a fan of K-POP. Sorry but the mixtape is k-pop free but do expect from time to time J-Rock. Some of them may not be new but hey, it still rocks!

So in no particular order, here are the tracks in the mixtape:

  • Audiovent – The Energy
  • Ben Howard – Further Away
  • Cinema Staff – Great Escape
  • Daft Punk feat. Pharell – Get Lucky
  • Default – Wasting my time
  • Dishwalla – Somewhere in the middle
  • Eminem – Rap God
  • Enemies – Unit Shifter
  • Foo Fighters – Everlong
  • Granrodeo – Rimfire
  • Limpbizkit feat. Lil wayne – Ready 2 go
  • One OK Rock – The Beginning
  • Robin Thicke feat Pharell and T.I. – Blurred Lines
  • Taylor Swift feat. Gary Lightbrody – The last time
  • Vintage 1950′s ft. The Tee-Tones - We Can’t Stop (Doo Wop Miley Cyrus Cover)
  • Yellowcard – Always Summer
  • Young the Giant – Cough Syrup

Click here to download


One of Three (Year-end post: OPM Mixtape)

Sorry for the lack of updates and upon counting my posts for 2013, it was only about less than 20 posts. Most are unboxing posts. I have been busy for the past year and it has been a both a blessing for me and my family this past year.

2013 has been good to me and so with that, i bring you the traditional year-end posts that i do on my blog. Mixtapes! If you are lucky enough, you can play these songs as you welcome 2014

This one contains mostly OPM songs that have been blastin’ on my earphones and thus, here they are in no particular order. It’s a mixed genre so don’t be surprised if one song you will be banging your heads while afterwards, things will slow down:

  • Autotelic – Misteryoso
  • Curbside – Coup d etat
  • December Avenue – Eroplanong Papel
  • Dello Ft. Zelle – Sana Di na lang ulit
  • Dong Abay – Perpekto
  • Eggboy – Nagsasawa ka na ba
  • Franco – To Survive
  • Ginoong Vitalis – Pilit
  • Greyhoundz – Taya
  • Jejaview – Paperskin
  • Gloc 9 Feat. Kamikazee Manueal Legarda of Wolfgang and Biboy of Queso – Kunwari
  • Loonie Feat. Greyhoundz – Ang Bagong Ako
  • Mayonnaise – Paraan (Demo)
  • Peryodiko – Ayoko na ng drama
  • Sandwich – Back For More
  • Silent Sanctuary Feat. Ashley Gosiengfiao  - Meron nang iba
  • Slow Hello – Cold Turkey
  • Up Dharma Down – Indak

You know the drill, the mixtape will not be uploaded forever and will be available for a limited time.

Click here to download

Also, please please support the local music industry and buy their albums or mp3′s legally. I have high respects on the artists on the mixtape and they are the few bands who can uplift the local music industry again. Please support them as i am supporting them.

Next up will be the foreign artist mixtape!

Album Review: Gloc 9′s Liham at Lihim

More than a year ago, Gloc 9 treated us with a new album along with his transfer to a new recording company (since as of this writing, we all knew what happened to Sony Music Philippines) and we were treated with “Mga kwento ng makata” under universal music. If i can remember correctly, i said that this album was a contender for album of the year and it did.

Fast forward to 2013, Gloc 9 unleashes a new album entitled “Liham at Lihim” and again, we are treated to an all-star collaboration album, which is what he was doing ever since. I got a copy of the physical album and upon playing the disc i was treated to a new gem and definitely a keeper album for this year.

Let’s go with the tracks shall we?

Huminahon Ka (ft. Sly Kane) - A slow song to start the album,  powerful lyrics most specially in the chorus part. Perfect to start the album

Takipsilim (ft. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid) - Now this is a collaboration i never imagined to happen. We have on one side, one of the influential rappers to date while on the other side, we have the Asia’s songbird… and it sounds nice. You have to listen to it as i can’t describe it on words.

KMT ft. Eunice Jorge Of Gracenote - Finally, the third track picks up the beat a little faster, is it me or the beat reminds me of Sirena that was present on the previous album?

Magda ft. Rico Blanco - Gloc 9 has this habit of collaborating with artists from the alternative scene. Previously we had Dex of letter day story, Ebe of the now defunct band Sugarfree, Chito of Parokya ni Edgar and Aia de leon just to name a few and this time, he took out Rico Blanco for the collaboration and as he mentioned upon the release of this single, this is in tribute to Magdalena of Freddie Aguilar (hence the title Magda) As always, this song has this powerful message just like Sirena and an eye opener to the listeners bout the story of Magda. Powerful single and i agree that this should be the first single to the album.

Rap Ka Nga - The first part of the vocals could be Marc Abaya (i’m not sure though as they sound the same) and yeah, speaking of sounding familiar, of you have already heard the track “Secret Weapons” from the latest album of Chicosci (another rockin’ album by the way) The lines and verses were taken from that song. “Halika dito tayo magbilang sa dilim”

Kwento Mo ft. Glocnine - One of my favorite tracks in the album because of the heavy guitar riffs, pumping basslines and yeah, this is the alternative Gloc 9 that i would like to hear more on his future songs. Not to compare with the late master rapper but upon listening to this track, you’ll notice some of the styles may have a resemblance but not most of it, since Gloc has this unique style that sets him differently from the master rapper and thus making him unique.

Tsinelas sa putikan (ft. Marc Abaya) - Now this is another slow song this time collaborating with Marc Abaya. The intro kinda sounds a little like Magda, only slower. Kinda makes you slow down a bit on the album.

Siga (ft. Quest) - It’s quest and Gloc… nuff said! Sinong siga dyan? hehehe!

Hindi Sapat (ft. Denise Barbacena) - Was expecting another pumped-up track like Silup or Hari ng tondo but to my surprise, i was greeted with a slow song giving tribute to all the mother’s out there. Ad you know what, another song that has powerful and strong lyrics that will let you thank your mother even more. Kudos!

Katulad Ng Iba (ft. Zia Quizon) – Already heard this song before the album was released (this is known as the anti-bullying song) Zia Quizon’s voice is soothing to the ears and pair it up with the smooth rapping flows of Gloc 9 and you have another powerful song that delivers a powerful message as well.

Kunwari (ft. Kamikazee, Biboy Garcia Of Queso and Manuel Legarda of Wolfgang) – Now that’s what i’m talking about! rocking noiiiissse! This is what you get when you collaborate with Kamikazee, Manuel Legarda and Biboy of Queso… Which reminds me, it’s been almost 6 months since the last elections and did you took the advice of the song?

Itak Ni Andres – I’m betting on that this will be included on the Rock Ed tribute album to Andres Bonifacio, great way to end the album.

Overall, this album is nice to pickup though personally, i felt some tracks were a bit lacking on one point. I was expecting a pumped-up track since as we all know, Marc Abaya has the energy and Gloc 9 has the same intensity that can match Marc’s energy. Another one was with the collaboration with Denise Barbacena but don’t get me wrong, these are only my personal opinions. Maybe in the future singles perhaps, my wishes can be granted? heheeh!

Nevertheless, Liham at Lihim still delivers the messages that Gloc 9 wants the listeners like us to understand. Oh and yeah, i’m waiting for an album that has the Freeman-esque style to it (a full band with rocking songs backing him up) that would be a sure fire album seller!

I’ll give this one a 4.5 out 5. Not a strong one as his previous albums, but definitely a must pickup.

YouTube Preview Image


Initial impression for Cherry Mobile Life

I’m back and this time another unboxing video. This one however is something different as i’m unboxing the latest smartphone from Cherry Mobile. It’s the Cherry Mobile Life.

Pic Taken from Cherry Mobile Facebook Page

Specs of the phone are as follows:

  • 1.3 mediatek dualcore processor (still confirming if its a mt6572 chipset)
  • 512mb of ram
  • 4gb of internal memory (around 1.3 gb available)
  • 5mp rear camera with flash
  • vga front camera
  • 4 inches wvga  sccreen
  • android 4.2.2 jellybean OS

Steal deal for the price of 2999.

initial impression and quick re-unboxing of the video can be found below:

YouTube Preview Image


Antutu pics are below:

Antutu benchmark
Antutu benchmark


A little higher than Samsung S2 Not bad


Slight improvement over S2

Slight improvement over S2


Sample image (5.0 rear camera)


Ohhh memory Cards

Ohhh memory Cards


More antutu benchmark results:

Re-Unboxing of The Last Of Us

Yes i have here the highly anticipated game for the PS3 from Naughty Dog, the creators of the well known Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted series just to name a few. The Last Of Us is now here and is considered one of the games that pushes the PS3 console to it’s limits (well, since next gen consoles are almost here)  And here is my re-unboxing video for the game.

Why Re-Unboxing? because i made an error and i thought that the camera was working and upon checking, it’s not. Thus it’s a re-unboxing video.

YouTube Preview Image


Injustice: Gods Among Us Unboxing

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Finally the game is out and here’s my unboxing video for for the PS3 version of the game.

YouTube Preview Image

Please do note that this is the limited  Red Son edition steelcase version which can be bought at h ere in the Philippines if you guys pre-order it. Eventually, if there would be enough stocks left, they can sell it for those who didn’t pre-order the game as well.

Also, the game is in R2 or Region 2 and the DLC’s from other regions (Region 1 and Region 3) hasn’t been tested yet if they are compatible or not. What lured me into getting this edition is that it includes alot of DLC’s. Apart from the free Red Son Skins, It also includes 20 additional missions as well as another set of DL’Cs that includes Zombie skins, Batman Arkham City pack skins and an addtional skin for Batman which is inspired from the Blackest Night series. Oh and did i mention that it comes in the sexy red colored steelbook as well? hehehe!

I’ll  be doing more unboxing videos on my blogsite so stay tuned.

DMC: Devil May Cry Unboxing Video

First off, Happy 2013 everyboday! I haven’t done this one for quite sometime but rest assured, i’ll try to make videos of my unboxing eof either new games, gadgets or maybe  even video reviews.

To Start off, here’s my first unboxing video for this year which is DMC: Devil May Cry for the PS3. This is a reboot on the series and has been a long time controversy for fans of the series. Below is the unboxing video of the Asian edition which includes a limited edition cellphone back cover case (available on iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 an S3 mobile phones)

So with that, enjoy the rest of the video below. Pardon for the shaky video and quick editing. This will start to improve within the year.

YouTube Preview Image